Part I:

Hello again everyone and welcome to another Monday.  If you've been keeping up with my blog you will notice that my plans to update it on my recent trip did not go as planned but I am happy to write, that it was a great success.  With that in mind though, I managed to take almost a thousand pictures and as much as I want to post them all I refuse to be the one responsible for crashing the entire midwest's internet server, so welcome to part one of my recent journey.

We begin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin just a few days gone from now.  The sun was warm, the sky was dimming and as the afternoon reached the evening to become the morn, my friends Karl and Felicia (bride and groom to be) were gracious enough to show me the sweetness of their smiles and the beauty of one of their favorite places to see...
The Rod and Gun park is one of the smaller Eau Claire parks at 36 acres but according to, it is one of the most visited.  If you ever get a chance or are in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area, DO NOT pass up the chance for a visit.  You won't be dissappointed.

Here is a link for more information:

...and now...onto the pictures :~ )
Welcome to Rod and Gun Park
Karl and Felicia :~ )
Where's Karl :~ )
Felicia loved this duck :~ )
One of the many water drops in this park. The paddle wheel on top spills into the large pond pictured in "Where's Karl" above :~ )
The Park's bridge across the babbling brook :~ )
This park is absolutely gorgeous :~ )
Thank you so much for this visit today and remember...this is only Part I!  Which means there is only one thing I can write next...

To Be Continued...



08/24/2011 6:37pm

Awesome pictures! I love the vertical picture at Big Falls! The picture of me really shows the gray in my hair! Thanks for that!! I can't wait for lunch pictures!!

08/24/2011 11:07pm

Karl, Thank you so much the visit man! I think all our pictures came out fantastic! You got some good shots yourself and if you are so daring, I would love to post some in the next blog. Let me know and thanks for the confidence boost, truly! Sorry about the gray hair but of the entire bunch, that picture is my top favorite. Thanks for letting me see a smile in people again! :~ )

p.s. I can't wait for lunch picture either, so let me know if you are sending a couple of your shots!!!

p.s.s. Hurry up :~ )


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