Welcome back folks and thank you for visiting.  Today we are going on a little visual trip and I hope you will like the ride.

Over the past few weeks we have been so busy; with school starting, car needing tires, our washing machine blowing a belt, leaves falling from the trees and etc, etc, etc... (I am sure you can relate), I have really been missing just sitting at the computer and letting my creativity run wild....

...and so that little trip I mentioned is actually just a tour of one photograph.  From the original picture (unedited) through five different edited versions of that same picture.  With all hopes at least one of them will make your liking but I am also looking for a little constructive feedback on these, so please don't hesititate to leave a comment below or just say what ya feel.  I thank you either way :~ )

...and so without any further delay, I give you my "Softly Lit" version set, for your enjoyment!



Unedited Original
Just a little edge burn :~ )
Making it pop :~ )
Playing with black and white :~ )
Believe it or not, this is the same picture :~ )
Now I know I took a little bit of a jump there but if you will hang in there, I am hoping the final piece will bring you back home safe :~ ) 

"Life and Light"

Dedicated to my wife Susanna (who loves fairies and butterflies) for our second year anniversary.  September 16th,  2011


Linda Hinton
09/13/2011 6:44pm

My fav is the pop one. It just resonated. Happy Anniversary!

Amy L
09/13/2011 7:46pm

Amy L
09/13/2011 7:49pm

Sorry about that last one...technical error :p
Ben I really like the black & white one. I'm torn between the last one too.

I'm sure Susanna love her gift :)

Happy Anniversary you two. Hope its a wonderful one.

Sue Ann
09/13/2011 10:18pm

My favorite is the second one, I like the leaves in a darker color for the background.
But really like the last one where you made a design out of the pic! Those bright colors turned out really neat!

Happy Anniversary to both of you,
may you have many more years together....


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