Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of my happy days  blog.  I hope you all didn't mind my little "vacation" but I have been so busy as of late and it has been so hard to get back into doing what I love most; sitting in front of my computer, turning on my ipod, uploading some pictures and turning them into something that I think will make you feel just a little bit better to smile...or whatever my eye and mind might see;~ )

I have good news too... 

...we have been blessed with a wonderful oppurtunity, as "Diane's Frame Shoppe" here in Rhinelander, WI has welcomed me into their store to showcase and sell ten of my pieces.  I am so honored to have my work in such a beautiful place with other talented and quite brilliant artists.  As well with this, we have teamed with "White House Custom Colour" to offer some great new options in printing for my portraits, to be uploaded on the site soon.  AND coming just as soon will be my brother Aries' page with his custom, one-of-a-kind folk-art wood pieces.  We all hope you will keep coming back and checking in with us as we expand and expound with new, beautiful things just for you but enough of my bantering and onto some pictures :~ )

The following four pictures were taken with my cousin Jamie on my recent visist with her and her family in Cascade, WI.  Jamie, as you may recall, is the owner/artist of JMS Custom Designs and as much as I wanted to post all 475 pictures I took with her that day, there just isn't enough time in the day.  I hope you will enjoy these four examples of the beauty we found that day and if you get a chance please visit with her as well at

Happy Thursday everyone and I'll see you again soon :~ )

"Faraway Barn"
"Upward and Onward"
"Beautiful Beyond"
The Masts Are In"


09/08/2011 7:50pm

Great edits Ben!

09/08/2011 9:05pm

Nice pictures and congrats on a place to sell your works! I just got your pictures tonight and I can't wait to check them out!!

09/09/2011 5:08pm

Thank you Jamie and Karl. Karl, I hope you and Felicia like the pictures and may they be just another example of how wonderful you both are together :~ )

Jamie, Yeah I am totally loving the websites you turned me onto, which now have me scouring the internet for that next great action :~ )

09/10/2011 6:01pm

Congrats Ben! Glad to see things are really taking off for you! Can't wait to see all the new stuff coming to the site!

09/11/2011 7:22pm

Thank you so much Amy! I wouldn't say we are airborne yet, but the wheels are certainly rolling down the runway. I just added Aries' page with his wood art. Check it out. When does Aunt Sue get home...I can't wait to take more pictures :~ )


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